This week, the GFOA joined with the National League of Cities, U.S. Conference of Mayors, Nationwide Association of Counties, and International Metropolis/County Management Affiliation in providing comments to the Senate Finance Committee. Priorities highlighted in the joint comment letter embody preservation of the tax exemption on municipal bond interest and the federal tax deduction for state and local taxes, as well as recommendations to the committee to approve the Marketplace Fairness Act and oppose laws that may preempt state and native government taxing authority, such because the Wi-fi Tax Fairness Act and the Digital Goods and Companies Tax Fairness Act. The joint feedback have been submitted in response to the committee’s request for suggestions on overhauling the federal tax code that was issued in March 2015.

Whenever you permit the mortgage lenders and investment banks to bundle all of their danger, and then promote it off, there is no accountability, which led to the mess we are in. For those who NONETHELESS assume Freddie and Fannie precipitated the crisis, then you are sadly in poor health knowledgeable and I pray you put within the effort to read up. It is not a thriller anymore. All the planet knows what occurred. Hopefully, you will think about it your obligation to catch up.

If center-class and poor folks accomplish that much better under Democratic presidents than under Republican presidents, why do so lots of them vote for Republicans? One fashionable answer, advanced by Thomas Frank and others, is that they’re alienated by Democratic liberalism on cultural issues like abortion, gay marriage and gender roles. This doesn’t look like the case. In latest presidential elections, prosperous voters, who tend to be liberal on cultural issues, are about twice as likely as center-class and poor voters to make their decisions on the basis of their cultural issues.

Congress finds that an acceptable technique and can thus continue to take action as long as we allow it. We could go to a flat tax, with no exemptions and no loopholes, but that may mean that congress must move legal guidelines to accomplish what it needs; laws all too visible to the public. Much simpler (and higher for the politicians) to hide it within the tax code.

I do myself hurt if I vote for the opponent simply because I feel it is time for any Congresscritter to leave office. I proceed to vote my greatest self curiosity by returning the ten 12 months veteran, realizing fully properly that he’s slowly becoming one of the issues in Washington, and slowly however surely his votes turn into less and fewer aligned with my needs. I hurt myself by voting for the opposite guy as a result of none of his positions are tolerable to me.