Can I say it any more clearly? An econ PhD at even a middle-ranked college leads, with close to-absolute certainty, to a nicely-paying job in an economics-related subject. I imagine the College of Michigan, for instance, has gone many, many years without having a PhD student graduate with no job in hand.

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I think it’s extra truthful to say that finance departments want a subset of econ PhD’s. Let’s face it, if your specialty is in, say, labor economics, you are probably not going to obtain a job provide from a finance division, even when your PhD is from a top program. You additionally most likely will not receive a proposal from the finance business, or at the least, not a finance supply commensurate with having a PhD.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s enterprise college grants Bachelor of Enterprise Administration levels with the choice of a finance or accounting concentration. The BRIDGE program helps new international college students to regulate during their first year. Over 4,500 international students attend the college and comprise 11% of the entire scholar physique. According to U.S. Information, the College of Wisconsin ranks #15 and #21 nationally for accounting and finance packages, respectively.

Hello what would be the journal entry given the following Constructing (notice 1): 600,000 Collected depreciation-building: one hundred fifty,000 Note 1: The Constructing was acquired on January 1, 2009 and is being depreciated over its estimated helpful life utilizing the straight line method. An estimated residual value of $a hundred,000 is used to calculate depreciation expense for this asset. June 30, 2015: Clone Inc determined to promote its constructing and enter into a leasing arrangement. The building was bought for $600,000.