Financial problems not only make it difficult for older people. Not surprisingly, children can also get this problem. Because not all children always want to buy stuff by asking the parents. There are still children who are trying independently without having to ask. For parents who have children must read this, despite the economic life of your family or excessive affluent. For loans tips you can see at

If you teach finances to children, you will certainly feel happy and pleased to see it could save. This is not merely to save, but also instill morals in your child. For those of you who live in deprivation do not be sad, I also will share how to continue with your life tomorrow.

Usually families who live from hand to mouth or even less, have children sooner independently and understand how to spread out the money. But do not be proud. There are also children who live in families mediocre or deficient even pleasure-loving and does not care about his family, not even once did he did not understand the meaning of saving.
Here’s how to manage finances at an early age;

First, ask yourself to what you save? If only to buy goods that are not important or dissipate, it is better to withdraw. Because this is only for children who really understand the meaning of life.

Secondly, if you are a student, then set aside any pocket money given by parents. Whatever you want to save how many, but remember that the money you will you use later for things that are useful not for unimportant or dissipate.

Third, help your parents. Usually that many need assistance is the mother. It does does not involve how to manage finances, but it could help you to get what you want to buy in addition to setting aside an allowance. Of you sitting around wasting time, it’s better to help the mother. So if you have a request or would like to buy something, she can make it happen because you are devoted.

Fourth, if you there are small expenditures like paying expenditure group work, photocopying, voluntary contributions and others you can use your allowance. You do not need to ask the same old people just for pocket money.

Fifth, if you snack, choose a snack that is inexpensive but healthy. You may also bring lunch from home, in order to better save your money.
Sixth, if you want to use the money you set aside think about it first. Are there future expenses more important than it is today?

Well, that’s the ways to manage finances for children. Children who are saving is a smart kid. From saving we as parents are able to assess the behavior of our children. If your child is saving means they are already aware of the importance of managing money. That’s where we usually pride against children appeared. Always tell to children about how difficult life used to be. That way the kids will realize how difficult life is, and maybe it can help your child to continue saving.

Well, as I wrote above. I will also share how to continue with your life tomorrow. Your economic life covers only one day, this is what you should do. Whenever you purchase foodstuffs, make sure that you save a little bit of basic foods. Eg rice, before you enter into a storage area of ​​rice. We recommend that you save them elsewhere cup / a handful of rice. Do it every time you buy rice. Slowly growing rice that you save a lot. Well rice that you can use to cook if you do not have the money to buy rice. This you can do for other foodstuffs too. May be useful.