There’s an accountant’s story that goes like this: Once there was a person who was the chief accountant for a significant business on the town. This man had a popularity for being probably the most knowledgeable accountant within the area and co-workers and accountants in other firms would incessantly call him after they had questions or issues with the their work.

In these states and provinces which permit playing there’s an entity known as the Lottery and Gaming Fee, Lottery and Gaming Agency or some similar identify. Nonetheless all of them embody their state or province title, such because the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission and none have a name that ends with Commission Agency – they’re normally both a commission or an agency, however not each.

Another possibility is that finance is a pure monopoly That is weird, since finance has few network effects like Facebook or Google, and would not require unique local land access like a public utility. But in economics, any industry the place economies of scale are giant will gain monopoly power, and therefore excessive income. And banks could profit so much from economies of scale.

The growth of the Philippine economy, nevertheless, caused the ratio of the country’s debt to GNP to decline from eighty three.5 in 1985 to 65.2 in 1989, whereas that of debt service to exports fell from 32.0 to 26.3 over the identical interval. Projected debt servicing in September 1990 for the nineties confirmed a rise from US$2.35 billion in 1990 to US$three.25 billion in 1995, falling off to US$2.08 billion in 1999.

The Government has accepted the report of Justice A.P. Shah Committee that Minimal Alternate Tax (MAT) just isn’t relevant to International Portfolio Buyers (FPIs). Further it has also been decided that a foreign firm not having a permanent establishment in India shall not be liable to MAT with effect from 01.04.2001. Accordingly, Instruction No.9/2015 dated 02.09.2015 has been issued to the sector items of the Earnings Tax Division to keep in abeyance the pending evaluation proceedings in such instances.